Massage therapy provides a therapeutic effect on the body.  Regardless if a massage is more for relaxation or "deep tissue", it will cause physiological changes to the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.  This is done by manually manipulating the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints of the body.  Therapeutic massage addresses the signs and symptoms based on assessment and the client's health history.  From this a treatment plan is devised and with the client's consent the session(s) can begin.


A certified FST practitioner applies a series of techniques to clients that can rapidly reduce pain, improve mobility, restore function and enhance athletic performance and recovery.  It is a pain free treatment providing rapid long lasting results.

"Movements unique to FST will strengthen, lengthen and comprehensively balance your entire body. The brain and body are re-educated when neurological receptors called mechanoreceptors are stimulated because the majority of them are located throughout fascial tissue, which is the primary target of FST. Other receptors called ‘interoreceptors’ are also located throughout fascia, even around all the organs and have direct connections to deep parts of the brain (e.g. insula) that, among other things, are related to your sense of self and wellbeing. That is why people feel so good after FST." - excerpted from STWI Newsletter.


A general definition for an adhesion is any disorganized tissue in the body that directly or indirectly causes dysfunction or pain.  An adhesion can decrease range of motion, affect speed and quality of motion, affect the entire kinetic chain, cause shortening of surrounding tissue and can contribute to increased adhesions, tearing, or scarring.

Some symptoms include reduced range of motion, muscle weakness and tightness, compensation, nerve entrapment, and pain.

The goal with Rapid Adhesion Release is to stimulate the mechanoreceptors within the fascia to help increase vasodilation, and also affect change in the viscosity of fascia's cellular matrix.  By stimulating certain receptors it can help deactivate pain receptors which is crucial in chronic pain management.