The Many Benefits of a Stronger Back

Posted by Yvonne Sanche on Thursday, April 21, 2016 Under: Strength

Recently, I’ve been noticing more people with shoulder injuries coming into the clinic. Some of these injuries are sports related, like taking a check the wrong way, or too much pitching practice. But for most, it’s related to poor posture while sitting at work which over time leads to some type of dysfunction.

Often times I see a slouched back, rounded shoulders, and a forward head posture. This puts a heavy amount of stress in through the neck and back. Muscles that are inhibited are hanging on for dear life while those that are facilitated refuse to let go. It’s a balance between stretch, activation, and strengthen.  

Having a stronger back can help stabilize the scapula and put the shoulders in a more ideal position, leading to improved posture and less pain.

Here’s a blog from Girls Gone Strong, Molly Galbraith, on 5 Key Back Exercises. Take the time to read through and implement these 5 exercises to strengthen your back and relieve your shoulder pain.

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