Common Health Problems: What can Massage do for YOU?

October 17, 2017

Massages are often sold as a purely indulgent treat that you get when you visit a spa or go on vacation, but there’s so much more to massage than just a feel good treat. Did you know that the symptoms of many health problems can be reduced and even eliminated with regular massage? 

Here are a few conditions that massage can work really well on; a few you probably know and some that may surprise you!


It’s no surprise that a regular dose of massage therapy is good for your stress levels, it works by helping to lower your blood pressure, improve your quality of sleep, and by reducing your stress levels, it’s also thought to help reduce the risk of heart disease.  In 2008 the journal Psycho-oncology published a study which came to the conclusion “…a significant reduction in cortisol (the main stress hormone) could be safely achieved through massage, with associated improvement in psychological well-being.”

Lower Back Pain

This is such a common problem, often caused by bad posture at work, so no wonder many employers are drafting in massage therapists to help. Poor posture and sitting for too long can cause a lot of lower back problems, as can simply getting older. Get your massage therapist on the case and you can hopefully wave goodbye to a sore back.

Sports Injuries

Fitness and sport are great for your health but they can sometimes lead to injuries and overworked muscles. A regular massage can help to heal any wear and tear on your muscles and tendons, and can also help you manage the pain from a chronic or acute sports injury. Having well looked-after muscles may also help prevent future injuries – one more reason to book those regular sessions.

Joint Stiffness

Massage can be a blessed relief for people dealing with the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and other joint problems. Research published in 2013 in the Complementary Therapy in Clinical Practice journal said that people with rheumatoid arthritis reported some relief from pain and stiffness after four once-a-week moderate-pressure massages, topped up with self-massage at home in between treatments. Massage can also help with your range of motion and flexibility, which can relieve pain in your shoulders, knees, and hips.


There are a whole range of health problems that can be caused by bad circulation, so it figures that boosting your circulation will be a bonus for your whole body. Regular massage helps to get the blood moving, getting essential nutrients to where they are needed in your tissues and vital organs much faster. The squeezing and pulling actions involved in a good massage also help to flush lactic acid out of your muscles and improve the circulation of lymph - the fluid that carries metabolic waste away from your muscles and internal organs.

Migraine symptoms

Nobody really knows what causes migraines, and there isn’t a cure, but if you’re a migraine sufferer you’ll be pleased to hear that studies have shown that massage can help reduce the frequency of attacks, and lessen the severity of the symptoms. Some migraines, especially those triggered by stress, are especially receptive to massage treatment.

Skin Cancer

Of course, we wouldn’t tell you that massage cures cancer; it can’t. But in some cases your massage therapist can notice abnormalities in your skin that you can’t see or just haven’t picked up on, and alert you to them. Regular massage can also be good for your skin as it gets the circulation going and the nourishing oils used in a treatment help to keep skin feeling soft.


A massage helps to stimulate lymph flow around your body, which boosts your immune system and can help to reduce the severity of allergic reactions.  Sometimes a therapist might be able to tell just from your lymph nodes if you are an allergy sufferer as they can feel tender or swollen.

Did any of those surprise you? Of course, you don’t need to make an excuse for wanting a massage, but if you are dealing with any of these health issues, it’s good to know that your regular massage habit is helping. 


How Often Should You Get a Massage?

September 12, 2017

Every day! Well, maybe that’s not practical, even though it would be nice. This is one of the most common questions clients ask about massage therapy, and it really all depends on WHY you get massages. Do you get massages for health benefits? Or, to help you relax and handle the stress of everyday life? Most likely it’s a combination of the two, so let’s look at some of the most common reasons to get regular massages:

Relaxation & Stress Relief

One of the very best reasons to get a mass...

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Massage as a Back Pain Killer

August 16, 2017

A regular massage is often considered to be a treat, rather than a necessity. Most people believe that having a massage is good for aches and pains, or can help if they’ve overdone the exercise. Not everybody realizes that massage therapy is also a powerful painkiller that can even be used to help people with back problems to reduce the amount of medication they must take.
Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain and if you’re one of the 31 million Americans who suffers ...

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How are your Glutes?

June 27, 2017

Many problems I treat in my clinic really stem from having weak gluteal muscles, or having gluteal muscles that are malfunctioning (for lack of a better word). 
I love the exercises that Bret Contreras PhD lays out. This video is a great circuit to include in your workout plan. I have been doing these exercises with a lighter band to help engage my glutes before my squat and deadlift workouts.
Whether you squat no weight or 600# give this a try!

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Treatment Prices Are Increasing

May 2, 2017

June 1, 2017my treatment rates will increase. The cost of doing business along with the cost of living are rising, and my rates must meet these demands. This is the first rate increase I have done since being in practice in 2013, and I am now offering Fascial Stretch Treatment and Rapid Adhesion Release techniques into treatments. This increase is fair and within normal limits to what other clinics within St. Albert charge. 

The rates starting June 1, 2017, will be as follows

30 min...

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Are You a Dysfunctional Breather?

March 16, 2017

It’s often something we take for granted until we become compromised by environment (allergens, smoke, steam etc.) our health (cold, asthma, COPD etc..). When we are compromised, our body helps us try to take in more air by using secondary respiratory muscles. Neck muscles contract to help raise the ribs, and chest/shoulder muscles help flare the ribs. Often times, we become stuck in this chest breathing state and end up with a dysfunctional pattern.

It is noted that breathing dysfun...

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The Signs of Overtraining

February 25, 2017

There was a time in my sport where I felt on top of the world. I was the strongest I had ever been, I was the leanest, and I was finishing on the podium. What a great feeling it was, like a drug almost. Little did I know I would be slapped in the face with competition burn out and injury. 

n a span of 6 months I ha
d competed 4 times. Why? Because I was relatively new to the powerlifting competition scene and didn't know better. In the world of powerlifting it takes a long time to peak properl...

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Bell Let's Talk: Post-Competition Blues

January 25, 2017

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, I find it fitting to discus to a certain extent how mental health affects us in varying degrees. Not every moment in our lives is spent living happily or even content. Unexpected events, tragedies, daily stresses all impact our health, and sometimes it’s tough to handle. But what about when everything is seemingly ok and you still feel this way? How do you voice that? How do you cope?

Recently, I went through a period that challenged my mental health. I was o...

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2016 YEG Fitness- Best Massage Therapist

January 9, 2017

Recently, I was awarded 2016 YEG Fitness Best Massage Therapist. This is quite an honour as it was based on your votes, and there are hundreds of amazing therapists in the Edmonton area. Each therapist brings their own flair, making it somewhat subjective. Which of course makes voting quite difficult. We all work hard, every day. We give, we listen, all while doing physical work. This doesn’t come by easily.  There are days when we feel exhausted, sometimes burnt out, but we find ways to re...

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Part 1: Fascial Stretch Therapy with Neville Wright

October 2, 2016

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to work on a project with two time Canadian bobsleigh Olympian, Neville Wright. Coming November 2016, I will have another article featured in the YEG Fitness magazine about my time working with Neville. This article will discusses the benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy, and how Neville has benefitted from this type of therapy.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is an innovative approach to stretching and increasing range of motion. It helps to remove joint restrictions...

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