Athlete of the Month: Mario Acosta-Cevallos

Posted by Yvonne Sanche on Friday, September 16, 2016

My athlete of the month is Mario Acosta-Cevallos. This man has been competing and working hard all year in Salsa. He is a four time World Salsa Champion and a Canadian Latin-American Ballroom Finalist. Recently, Mario competed at the World Salsa Summit in Miami and won first place in the Professional Male Solo category and the Professional Same Gender category with his dance partner Dioney da Silva. He is also the founder and operator of SalsaVitus Dance Company. Check him out at

What style of dance do you compete in?

Salsa Dancing  

2016 has been a very successful year for you! Tell me about your accomplishments this year?

It has been very successful, and I am so grateful for this past year. I have become the only Professional Male Solo competitor to win multiple world championships in the same year. A total of 5 world championship titles! 

What's next for you?

I am getting ready for my world championships in December and January. I will be entering many different categories this year! My goals are to win each category I enter.  

How has massage therapy helped you in your training?

It has helped me tremendously! I spend many hours dancing and teaching, on top of training in Crossfit. It helps me stay mobile and keeps my body in the best shape, to keep training hard and give my 100% in all my physical activities. Yvonne is amazing!