Athlete of the Month: Angelina Van Ryswyk

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Angelina is actually the woman responsible for turning me towards Powerlifting. I was intrigued after hearing about her first competition, but it wasn’t until a year later that I competed. Angelina is definitely making some waves in the sport. She’s raising awareness in Powerlifting, she’s a strong contender, and when it comes to refereeing, she’s got her eyes on you.  

She uses massage as a part of her recovery regimen and it has helped keep her training in an unforgiving sport. This weekend she takes the stage at the 2016 Western Canadian Championships. Good luck Angelina!

What got you into Powerlifting and how long have you been competing?

I got into Powerlifting after being introduced to the movements in Crossfit. I found that I was good at the strength movements and really enjoyed everything about lifting. I took the plunge by competing at Powersurge, the biggest and most well-known powerlifting meet in Edmonton. in 2012 with nothing but a singlet and running shoes and instantly fell in love with the sport. Since then, I have competed in 8 meets, including Alberta Provincials, Westerns, and Nationals. 

What are some of the big competitions you've done so far? What are your future goals?

My first big competition was CPU Nationals in 2015 where I placed 4th with a total of 375kg. My biggest meet so far was competing at the North American Powerlifting Championships in 2015, and it was an awesome experience! It was amazing to represent Canada on an international stage and meet so many other athletes from all over North America. Currently, my goals are to achieve a 400kg total. Long term, I would like to compete at IPF World's in 2018 and win 2018 Nationals in my home province, since the championship will be in Calgary. 

As an athlete what are some of the things you do to give back to the sport?

This sport would not be possible without volunteers. It takes a village to run a meet, so in 2015 I chose to pursue becoming a Provincial level referee. I officiated my first meet in May of 2015 and I haven't looked back since. I absolutely enjoy refereeing at meets and helping new competitors understand the sport. Chances are if there is a meet in Alberta, you'll see me in one of the chairs in front of the platform. I am hoping to pass my National referee exam at 2018 Nationals.

Tell me a bit about your new website?

A couple of powerlifters and myself started an Instagram account called This is Female Powerlifting. We felt that although it is awesome to see so many women lifting heavy weights and embracing their strength, there was still a focus on what Powerlifting could do for their aesthetics rather than focusing on performance. So we started an Instragram account that celebrates athletes' lifts no matter what they look like. We loving seeing everyone's lifting faces, power bellies, war cries, and everything that goes along with lifting. At the end of the day, we don't care what you look like, we just want to see what you can lift. Whether you can squat 30 pounds or 300, we want to focus on the athlete, not just the aesthetic. Find us on Instagram and Facebook as "This is Female Powerlfiting" and visit our website find out more about our website and t-shirt launch.

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